Jason and Shellie G.

When we decided we were ready for a new Yorkie puppy, and knowing the struggles we faced training our previous one, we made the decision to find a trainer in order to assist us. Abby was recommended to us by our vet and the moment she walked into our home we could see her love for animals and her job shining through. I was a bit skeptical at first as we always were under the assumption that little dogs were so difficult to train. After only one session our Cydney went from a non-stop hyper puppy and would now sit and lay down on command. The continued progress in each training session to follow was remarkable. Abby was definitely all we wanted in a trainer and more. We would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a trainer with positive results. It is one thing for a person to be good at what they do, but with Abby for us the experience was much more. When you see a person’s love for her work and positive attitude it not only motivates the puppy but also motivated us to continue with training and enjoy doing so.



Candie R.

I found out about Abby when I was looking for a trainer who would be willing to come out to my house because Dudley, my 2-year-old rescue dog, gets extremely car sick and is unable to go anywhere.  I think he was also abused before I got him, so he has some fear issues. I had sent my other two dogs to board and train programs when they were younger but I knew that would not work for Dudley. Originally my vet referred me to the only dog trainer that he knew in the area. I was discouraged when I called the other trainer and did not feel comfortable with her training Dudley. My vet then found out about Abby and referred her to me. I immediately felt comfortable with Abby and my dogs love her! She has helped build Dudley’s confidence and showed me how smart he really is. We were even able to teach my other two dogs some new tricks and review their obedience skills. My favorite trick was teaching Maci, my other dog, to hit the Staples “Easy Button” with her paw! She now enthusiastically punches the button until it says, “That was easy!” Every time I go into my vet’s office, I rave about Abby’s ability to train and her enthusiasm for working with dogs. I highly recommend her!



Terri C.

We had just purchased a 2-year old Golden Retriever who was a show dog for most of his 2 years. Needless to say, having had Goldens most of my life, Sailor was very different. He was only comfortable standing with his back legs extended in the show stance position, so we were very proud when he would finally sit on command; probably not a huge accomplishment for others, but a big one for us. Sailor is an extremely tender dog who wanted to please, but having been trained from about 8 weeks on, he never really got to be a true puppy. Don’t get me wrong, he got to run and play with the other dogs being trained, however his mannerisms were different from other Goldens I had raised.

Sailor loved all the attention we were able to give him, but let’s don’t forget he was a 2-year old, large dog with puppy-like behavior & we had small grandchildren who couldn’t quite understand why Sailor wouldn’t listen to them.

This is where Abby entered our life. He loved her immediately and would do things for her that he would never do for me. However, Abby is the dog trainer, not me. Abby was able to solve so many of his “puppy” behaviors and we were thrilled with her services. We were so pleased she could come to our home and train him in his own environment, because the last thing we wanted was more changes in this dog’s life.

One of the most important things she taught us was to reward behaviors you want, rather than punishing behaviors you don’t want. Now as an adult trying to train your own dog, you can imagine how difficult this concept was. But, she was right about this as well as numerous other principles to reinforce positive behavior.

During our training and afterwards, Abby has continued to show her love to Sailor. I found as a trainer, she always looks at the positive behaviors of your dog and encourages you all the way. If there is one thing I chose to say about my feelings toward Abby & Sweetwater Bark, it would be how blessed we were she came into our life at the same time Sailor did. She is excellent at what she does, and I guarantee she will making having a new dog around your house a pleasure.

Thank you Abby.

Walter, Terri & Especially Sailor

Teresa W.

Kodi & Liam

Kodi & Liam

Abby is awesome! We found out about her from our vet. We have two dogs with their own unique personalities, and she was able to work with them and us all at the same time. Whenever we had a behavior to discuss with her, she always had a solution. She told us how to handle situations, and she modeled and guided us in how to approach our dogs. The other thing we really appreciated is that it’s obvious Abby loves dogs. When she first came to our house, Liam was growling at her and within five minutes he was best buddies with her. He looked forward to her weekly visits and Abby had him doing all kinds of cute tricks. Kodiak also enjoyed seeing her. We would feel frustrated with some of his behaviors; she reminded us that he’s still a 5-month-old puppy…. A huge puppy but still a baby not an adult yet. Another pro is that she came to our house to work with Liam and Kodiak. This is so convenient! It is also helpful, because she could see them in their environment and we could show her where in the house they showed inappropriate behaviors. Abby has a positive and happy disposition and is easy to talk with! If any of my friends need a dog trainer, I would definitely refer them to Abby.



Cassandra B. 

We are so happy to have found Abby to help us with training Sachi. Abby was recommended to us by the kennel that we use for Sachi when we were looking for a trainer to come to our house. We wanted a trainer that could come to our house and really see how Sachi interacts with everyone in the family. From the first session, we knew that Abby was exactly what we were looking for. She spent the time getting to know Sachi, us and our cat, Caly and then we started working with Sachi. The techniques that Abby has taught us are simple but effective. We really like that Abby also includes our five year old son in the training sessions.  It’s so much fun watching our son and Ms. Abby work with Sachi.   Working with Abby has been such a pleasure. Sachi has learned so much and we’ve learned so much…it is definitely a testament to Abby when people comment on how far Sachi has come in just a few weeks time. She is no longer the unruly full grown puppy, thanks to Abby!  We would absolutely recommend Abby to anyone looking for a trainer.

                          Michelle P.


Abby has done a remarkable job with our dog Babbs. She has problem solved every problematic situation at the house and has trained her well to the point that now she is able to on command, respond to the following: sit, lay down, stay, go into her kennel/bed and stay, (she previously hated her crate) play rope and grab/ drop on cue, sit and wait before door opens (without having to be cued verbally) spin, peek a boo, walk nicely indoors on loose leash, walk in between legs, etc. The instruction sessions, the book and the suggestions really helped us tremendously. My only regret is that we should have called Abby earlier, when we first brought Babbs home.


Roxi & Mike

Lisa M. 

We got Roxi after losing our dog of 11 years unexpectantly.  It was an emotional reaction to get another dog so quick and only to find out that Roxi had some severe behavioral issues. She was a rescue dog and had been abandoned at a Wal-Mart.  We got her when she was 3 months old and from day one we noticed that she was a bit more aggressive than any puppy we had ever owned.  She bit and drew blood, she would growl and she would grab our legs as we walked by.  From the emotional roller coaster of losing Buddy now we had this crazy puppy that we were ready to give back to the shelter.  But I could not put my son through the loss of another pet.  So we tried everything from puppy classes to videos, books and some crazy in home trainers.  My last shot about 2 months ago was to find a trainer that had a good reputation and knew how to work with dogs with issues.  We found her.  Abby has been awesome.  After the first training session she was able to pinpoint the issues, mostly owner’s, and give us tools to help Roxi to be a bigger and better part of our family.  Her aggression has all but disappeared and she listens and obeys drastically better.  We sometimes fall into a bad habit but with the exercises Abby gave us, we are back on track in no time.  It has not been easy and Abby did not say it would be but she did say with work and consistency Roxi would become a better dog and my family, better owners.  I would recommend Abby to anyone who wants their dog to be part of the family. Thanks Abby!



Marissa V.

I had the pleasure of meeting Abby after I had just adopted Tallulah, a 9-week old Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, and wanted to make sure my puppy was off to a good start. Abby taught me the importance of socializing Tallulah as a puppy and she was with me through the whole training process, all the way into Tallulah’s adulthood. Abby has an enthusiasm and love for dogs that bubbles over. She is a problem solver and canine home-builder. Her determination to train dogs and their owners shines through in her dedication to both while working tirelessly to achieve a relationship with each other that they both seek. Through the lessons, I was able to gain the confidence and skills to be the best owner possible for Tallulah. I am impressed by, not only Abby’s natural understanding of canine behavior and her connection with dogs, but also with her continuous efforts to further her education in dog training. Her style and personality not only make training sessions deeply gratifying but also a ton of fun!

 Heather P.


First Agility Trial

Definition of Couyon = Cajun Idiot.  My dog Couyon ended up with this name after I adopted him due to his uncontrollable behavior.  Up on the kitchen table, eating my food straight off my plate I wasn’t sure I had made the correct decision in adopting this crazy boy.  I have had dogs in the past and found that training was just a matter of repetition but this dog was out to train me first!  Even though the training seemed to be going pretty good, I thought a professional might help me out a bit more, that is when I found Abby.  Abby is more than a trainer, she helped Couyon and me to understand each other.  The work that I had done on my own did not go to waste, instead as Abby worked with us everything seemed to fall into place easily because of her ability to read Couyon and me.  I am thrilled with the fact that Abby trains with positive reinforcement.  My dog is too smart and if any negative training had been used, I think he would have turned out to be an extremely aggressive, unhappy pet and I would have been miserable.  Thanks Abby for helping Couyon and me speak the same language, we are both so happy!