Meet Our Dogs


DSC_0542_edited-1Flash is a 9 year-old terrier mix. I adopted him from the Houston Humane Society when he was 1.5 years old. I competed with him for fun in agility for a few years and I love teaching him new tricks. I have learned so much about dog behavior through owning Flash. He is a little bit of a special-needs dog. He has some insecurities and reactivity and aggression towards other dogs. Although I have learned from all of the dogs that I have owned, I have especially grown in my skills through working with Flash.


Swerve is a 5 year-old Australian Shepherd. I got him from a breeder when he was 8 weeks old. He looked like a fluffy bear cub with bright blue eyes when he was a puppy. I love his goofy personality and his enthusiasm for life. He was my demo dog when I completed the dog training course for Karen Pryor Academy. I enjoyed raising a puppy as a dog trainer since I could avoid mistakes that I had made in the past with my previous dogs. As Swerve has matured, I have enjoyed seeing all of my training and hard work pay off. He has grown into an awesome adult dog and I love competing with him in agility and continuing to learn with him through our training experiences.






Dazzle (“Dazz”) is a 10 month old Australian Shepherd. She is a very active and mischievous puppy. I love teaching her new things, she is extremely smart…sometimes too smart. 😉 She has the sweetest personality and loves to receive affection. As she matures, she is settling down and learning how to be a well-behaved adult dog. If you want to keep up with her puppy shenanigans, check out her instagram: dayzwdazz







Emmy Lou


Emmy Lou is a four month old Australian Cattle Dog owned by Nicole. She was adopted from the Sugar Land Animal Shelter. She is a rambunctious puppy with tons of energy and personality. Nicole is planning on teaching her lots of tricks and hopefully competing with her in agility one day. If you want to see her adventures, her instagram is: emmylooroo



Angel (2001-2013)

I am so thankful that I had such a devoted friend as I grew up. Angel was a crazy, high-energy, dog who forced me to learn how to train dogs because she needed so much mental stimulation. She was the star-student at obedience class and my love for agility began at our first agility class together. She put up with all of my inconsistencies and bad training, she taught me about patience, forgiveness, and willingness to try anything. I have so many stories about her that make me smile and shake my head. She is the reason that I am the trainer that I am today and I am so grateful that she was a part of my life. – Abby